Wenzdayz Boutique are Proud Advocates for Mental Health Awareness**

2021 is the year of self care! Ladies no matter what you do take a day out the week for you. Here is something that you can use while completing your  ultimate care mission!  

Wenzdayz Boutique Self Care Box Includes:
(1)  Silk Pillow Case (standard size)
(1) Silk Eye Mask
(1) Jade Eye Roller
(1) 7.2 oz. Affirmation Scented Candle
(1) 5 oz. all vegan soap bar
(1) 2 oz. matching bath soak

All items are Made in the 🇺🇸
Soap products are all natural and vegan

*All Products are Hand Crafted by a Woman*

Wenzdayz Wellness Box

Soup Bar and Matching Bath Salt

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